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The First US Patent in Saffron Nanoemulsion

A knowledge-based Product


A New Method in Saffron Production

Delwa is a new approach to producing Iranian saffron


Saffron & Caviar Nano Packaging

Nano Packaging


Iranian Caviar & Its Origin

Sturgeons & Their Properties

The Director of the United States Patent & Trademark Office

Delwa, Has the first U.S. Patent in Saffron Nanoemulsion

The present invention provides methods and compositions based on a proboscis ultrasonic homogenizer which has a high efficiency in the production of Iranian saffron nanoemulsion (Crocus sativus) to reduce droplet size in small amounts. This product was produced for the first time and the important point in this methodology is that no chemicals or unnatural preservatives areused.

A Technological Approach

Delwa method is a proboscis ultrasonic homogenizer which has a high efficiency in the production of Iranian saffron nanoemulsion (Crocus sativus) to reduce droplet size in small amounts. This product was produced for the first time and the important point in this methodology is that no chemicals or unnatural preservatives were used. The advantages of this method compared to other mechanical methods are less energy consumption, use of less emulsifier amounts and production of a more uniform emulsion with smaller droplet size.

Increasing Efficiency

Ultrasonic method of probation homogenizer in Delwa increases the production efficiency of saffron. Saffron produced based on this method has a more ideal taste and smell than the macroscopic state of saffron, more color and coloring properties compared to ordinary saffron, more lasting and stable taste than powdered and ground saffron, which ultimately the amount of saffron consumption in terms of area per unit volume is greatly reduced and saves the amount of effective substance consumed.

Benefit of Nanotechnology

Delwa is a product based on nanotechnology. Researchers are focusing their efforts on nanotechnology to address nutritional issues, given the growing consumer demand for healthy and safe food products, as well as the need for food systems with the ability to encapsulate, protect and release functional compounds. In this regard, nanoemulsion technologies are especially suitable for the construction of encapsulation systems thanks to the prevention of degradation and the preservation of biologically active substances.


Winner of Honorary Diploma and Gold Medal of the first International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA) Festival of New Designs with the participation of 342 titles of new technology projects of the world’s universities on July 18-20, 2021

Delwa Services

Delwa provides technological services in the field of Nanoemulsions and Nanopackaging in the food industry in line with its scientific and innovative solutions. Delwa research group’s Nanoemulsion services include Iranian saffron nanoemulsion, Rosa damascene nanoemulsion, and Cinnamon nanoemulsion, while Nanopackaging services include Caviar nanopackaging and Saffron nanopackaging.

Saffron Nanoemulsion

Saffron is a spice obtained from the stigmas and dried creams (Crocus Sativus L) of Crocus Sativus plant and one of the important applications of this red spice is in the food industry (transfering flavor and aroma color to food and drink) as well as use in cooking and pharmacy (due to its safety properties). The history of saffron plant production and breeding dates back to 2500 years ago.

Caviar nano packaging

Iranian caviar is one of the best and most luxurious foods that has a unique quality. Iranian caviar has long been known for its quality all over the world. This product is served as a special section of the menu in many luxurious restaurants and hotels around the world. he Caspian Sea is the main habitat of sturgeon, which supplies more than 90% of the world’s caviar.

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Production Objectives of Iranian Saffron Nanoemulsion Crocus Sativus

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About Talashgaran Aria Industry and Trade Company

Delwa is a knowledge-based product and the result of 6 years of teamwork of three faculty members of the Science and Research Branch University from its three faculties of Agricultural Sciences and Food Industry of the Science and Research Branch, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources of the Science and Research Branch and Veterinary Faculty of the Science and Reasearch Branch. The objectives to conduct research and produce the product with the cooperation of esteemed professors, Dr. Hamed Ahari, Dr. Seydamir Ali Anvar, Dr. Sara Allahyaribeik, Engineer Mehdi Rahimian and Dr. Sima Moradi, the main members of the project and with the financial and spiritual support of the esteemed company Aria Sanat va Tejarat Aria has been accomplished. The mentioned product has been completed with the completion of 3 extracurricular projects with contract numbers 14555, 14557 and 14599.


Dr.Sara Allahyaribeik

Inventor & Researcher

Dr.Sima Moradi

Inventor & Researcher

Eng. Mehdi Rahimian

Chairman of the Board & Researcher

Dr.Hamed Ahari

Inventor & Researcher

Dr.Amirali Anvar

Inventor & Researcher

Scientific Articles, Patents and Books

Delwa Research Group has published three grant papers, 8 ISI papers on saffron, two volumes of academic books, has received certificates from the Office of the President and participated in three international festivals in Europe and Canada. Supervising research projects and supervising the dissertations of two PhD students and 3 MSc students in the field of nanoemulsion is among other activities of Delwa Research Group.

Scientific Documentation

Delwa Research Group has been able to have a brilliant presence in international scientific forums in recent years. The result of these activities has been the acquisition of gold medals and various certificates from conferences and exhibitions of world inventors from countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, Croatia and Iran.

December 2021
November 2021
March 2021
March 2021
March 2021
July 2021
August 2021
September 1400 - ISIF 2021
SIIF 2021 Gold Medal
Gold Medal Certificate International Exhibition (SIIF 2021) Seoul, South Korea
iENA Golden Medal
Winner of Golden Medal of 72nd International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions and New Products – Nuremberg, Germany (iENA 2021)
IFIA Medal - Geneva, Switzerland
Winner of the Gold Medal of the 14th International Impedance Spectroscopy Workshop
Gold Medal SPWiR2021
Winner of the Gold Medal of the Polish Association of Inventors and Logicians
IFIA Medal - Geneva, Switzerland
Winner of Honorary Diploma and Medal of the International Federation of Inventors Associations, Geneva, Switzerland (IFIA 2021)
ARCA Medal - Zagreb, Croatia
Winner of the medal at the 19th Zagreb International Exhibition of Inventions, Croatia
ICAN Gold Medal - Toronto Canada
Toronto International Association for Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS)
ISIF Medal - Istanbul Turkey
Attending the International Exhibition of Inventions, Istanbul, Turkey


A New Window in the Food Industry

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