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Formulation of saffron and a method of preparation thereof

The Summary of Invention

Formulation of Saffron and a Method of Preparation Thereof. Iranian saffron was produced using ultrasound technique as well as Electro pars method. Disclosed is a method for preparing a nano-emulsion of saffron. An emulsifier combination including Span80 and Tween80 in equal proportion can be added to n-octanol as an oil phase. An aqueous extract of saffron can be added drop by drop to the solution to form an emulsion. The emulsion can be subjected to sonification for a predetermined sonification cycle.

Abstract of Formulation of Saffron

Disclosed is a nano-emulsion formulation of saffron and a method of preparation thereof. The method includes the steps of triturating saffron with liquid nitrogen. Preparing an ultrasonic assisted extract in a polar or non-polar solvent. Preparing a nano-emulsion using the extract and one or more surfactants, including tween and span.

Invention Key

Formulation of Saffron and a Method of Preparation Thereof. With regard to the fact that Iran is considered as the main and primary source of saffron production in the world and that a high volume of the production is transferred in large quantities to the neighboring countries where it is packaged and once again distributed throughout the world; and on the other hand, considering the depletion of energy reserves and the high price of saffron, it is exported as the modern technique and technologies for the purpose of reducing the raw materials consumption volume and increasing production efficiency in order to improve the quality of the final product.

Effect and Contribution

  • Reducing the excessive consumption volume of this beneficial nutrient;
  • Improving the quality for the purpose of nano final product;
  • Increasing the value of flavor, color, scent, and taste and all the organoleptic properties of saffron;
  • Producing the smallest possible size on the nanometer scale in terms of stability of saffron essence
  • The formulation has a long shelf life.

Patent Information

Patent No
Date of patent
US 1095/53065B2

Contact Information

Person in Charge: Dr. Hamed Ahari

Email: dr.h.ahari@gmail.com

Address: Department of Food Science and Technology, Islamic Azad University, Branch Science and Research, Hesarak St., Ponak,Tehran, Iran.

Phone: +98 21 88572449 & +98 21 88096935

Mobile: +98 912 187 2334