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Due to the depletion of energy reserves and the very high price of saffron which is exported as red gold, new techniques and technologies have been used to reduce the consumption of raw materials and increase production efficiency in order to improve the quality of the final product. One of the main concerns of innovation is the mentioned invention. Therefore, due to the expensive energy resources and the depletion of these resources, the sale of raw materials of such valuable and high-quality products should be avoided.

Iranian saffron nanoemulsion

We try for our customers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of startups and food industry companies in the field of saffron with our scientific solutions.

A technological approach

Delwa method is a proboscis ultrasonic homogenizer which has a high efficiency in the production of Iranian saffron nanoemulsion (Crocus sativus) to reduce droplet size in small amounts. This product was produced for the first time and the important point in this methodology is that no chemicals or unnatural preservatives areused. The advantages of this method compared to other mechanical methods are less energy consumption, use of less emulsifier amounts and production of a more uniform emulsion with smaller droplet size.

Increasing efficiency

Ultrasonic method of probation homogenizer in Delwa leads to increasing the production efficiency of saffron. Saffron produced based on this method has a more ideal taste and smell than the macroscopic state of saffron, more color and coloring properties compared to ordinary saffron, more lasting and stable taste than powdered and ground saffron, which ultimately the amount of saffron consumption in terms of area per unit volume is greatly reduced and saves the amount of effective substance consumed.

Industrial and Commercial Applications

This product will be highly regarded by all food industry factories, catering and other places that use saffron in their production stages, which in addition to improving the properties of production materials will reduce production costs for the mentioned centers. Also, saffron exporters to other countries can increase the volume of exports by introducing and selling this product to destination countries.

Benefit of Nanotechnology

Delwa is a product based on nanotechnology. Researchers are focusing their efforts on nanotechnology to address nutritional issues, given the growing consumer demand for healthy and safe food products, as well as the need for food systems with the ability to encapsulate, protect and release functional compounds. In this regard, nanoemulsion technologies are especially suitable for the construction of encapsulation systems, due to the prevention of degradation and the preservation of biologically active substances.

Nano Packaging

Today, the use of new nanotechnologies in the field of quality control of food industry has grown significantly and in several trends, including the detection of food microbial toxins through nano-biosensors, increasing the shelf life of food through nanoclay and nano-silver packaging coatings and also in The field of changing some disgusting organoleptic properties such as taste, color and odor, especially in aquatic products, has played a very important role, so that the use of this technology is growing and developing very rapidly.

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our customers

Delwa is a knowledge-based product
Efficient and suitable product that has created a great change in the supply of saffron for this Iranian product.
Dr. Masoud Kaviani
Managing Director of Behyar Sanat Company
A great change in the saffron industry
Delwa is a very practical product. We are very happy after working with the Delva research team
Dr. Maryam Ameri
Managing Director of Khorasan Food Industry Development Company
Delwa is a widely used product
We have recently had the honor of cooperating with Delva Research Group and during this period we have witnessed great changes in our saffron production sector.
Eng. Amir Abedi
Managing Director of International Red Saffron Company