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Saffron Packaging

As we know, the appearance of a product is very important in being seen and attracting customers. Packaging functions as a bridge between producer and consumer and plays a significant role in the customer’s decision to buy. Research has shown that 70% of buyers decide to choose a product at the time of purchase, so an attractive packaging with the right color and design can overtake other competitors.
Saffron is one of the valuable products in Iran, which especially has a special place in the export market, therefore, its packaging must be extremely creative and elegant. Saffron packaging should be designed in such a way that while maintaining the color and aroma of the product, it is attractive to the customer at first sight. In addition to attracting customers, saffron packaging also has a protective role against saffron. Saffron must be protected against impact, temperature and humidity during transportation, distribution and transfer to store shelves. A standard package preserves the properties and characteristics of the food. Today, packages are compatible with the color, material and shape of the product, which creates an effective relationship with the customer. Packaging design specialists and graphic designers try to keep pace with customer demands to offer the best designs.

Shape and Design of Packaging

Each product has different forms of packaging in the market, but in general, packaging is in two ways:
Inner packaging and outer packaging. Each product is ultimately placed in the outer packaging, which plays a very important role in product sales. A creative packaging both helps maintain the product and increases sales rates. A clever packaging makes the buyer feel comfortable, so designers should pay attention to facilitating the opening and closing of packaging containers and package size during design.

Packaging Colors

Colors play an important role in packaging. Color has a remarkable impact on the audience psychologically and has different meanings in different cultures. From an aesthetic point of view, customers are fascinated by packages with various designs. Packaging color should be selected according to the type of product, customs and traditions of every community. For example, saffron packaging inspired by saffron flowers is often produced in red and purple colors, but these colors must match the logo design.

Packaging Material

Packages have different materials depending on the type of product, including glass, metal, plastic, paper, cellophane, polyethylene, etc. Due to the special care it needs, saffron should be placed in a package that preserves its properties, color and aroma. Saffron packaging is generally done in three types of envelopes, inlays and crystal containers. Glass and polyethylene containers maintain the quality of saffron most.

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