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Sturgeons & Their Properties

Caviar is one of the seafood products. More than 90% of the world’s caviar comes from the Caspian Sea. Nevertheless, people of Iran have a smaller share in its consumption due to its high price and luxury.

It is several hundred million years old and dates back to the Jurassic era. Caviar is also known as a living world fossil. Out of 27 species of caviar, only 6 of them are in the Caspian Sea. Black pearl is another name for caviar eggs. Caviar fish meat especially the sturgeon is not so expensive, but caviars are as expensive as gold. Caviar eggs are divided into different types in terms of color, the most important of which are golden caviar eggs, red caviar eggs and most importantly black caviar eggs. Caviar has countless properties for the body. One of the most important of them is helping to improve the health of the immune system. This valuable food contains large amounts of protein and iron and can be used as a complete food. Among the properties of caviar, the following can be mentioned:
• cardiovascular disease treatment
• Alzheimer’s treatment
• depression treatment
• cancer treatment
• Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

Caviar Properties

The properties of caviar include lowering blood pressure, preventing heart attacks, protecting against viruses, preventing osteoporosis, building muscle, anti-stress and depression, and increasing libido. Caviar consumption is also very effective in preventing rheumatoid arthritis (diseases of the joints), gastrointestinal diseases and some types of cancer. This food is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so it is useful for treating depressive disorders. Vitamin A in caviar also plays an important role in repairing and maintaining epithelium, bone growth and repairing pupil pigment. It also refreshes facial skin. Vitamin D in it balances calcium and phosphorus, which is useful in recovering from infectious diseases. Being rich in iron, caviar is effective in iron deficiency anemia. By strengthening the immune system, this food can also eliminate the effects of anesthesia caused by surgery. High levels of caviar protein and essential amino acids can be very effective in strengthening muscles, and its beneficial fats can heal nerve disorders.

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