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Saffron & Its Properties

Saffron is a spice obtained from the stigmas and dried creams of Crocus Sativus L and one of the important applications of this red spice can be used in the food industry (transfer of flavor and aroma color to food).
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What is Iranian Saffron Nanoemulsion?

The technique used in the project is ultrasonic homogenizer with a probe and has a high efficiency in the production of Iranian saffron nanoemulsion (Crocus sativus) to reduce droplet size in small amounts.
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Saffron is an Export Commodity in Iran’s Food Industry

Today, saffron is an export commodity of Iran's food industry in the world, which under the name of red gold accounts for about 79% of the world's saffron volume, while this expensive product is sold raw and has much added
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Sturgeons & Their Properties

Due to the expensive energy resources and the depletion of these resources, the sale of raw materials of such valuable and high-quality products should be avoided, so in the above invention, one of the newest and most portable methods of
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